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By VisitRichmondBC Traveling to the Greater Vancouver area? Be sure to stop at these five places in Richmond to grab a bite to eat, or a refreshing drink before taking off to your final destination. Prata-Man Singaporean Cuisine 9060 Capstan Way For absolutely traditional Hainanese Chicken, Prata-Man is the place to go. The definition of ‘hole-in-the-wall,’ Prata-Man is hidden at the end of a small plaza on Garden City Way. The specialty here is Hainanese chicken, which is essentially a deboned, poached chicken served cold, with a bowl of clear, gingery broth and a bowl of chicken-oil rice. Enjoy this with a side of their skewered meats (chicken, pork or beef) and some house-made roti and curry to round out the meal. Flying Beaver Bar & Grill 4760 Inglis Drive The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill is a bustling bar located in the Harbour Air seaplane terminal. What makes this…