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You know the feeling when you’re racing to the SkyTrain station on a tight timeline, and your stomach starts to grumble. This summer TransLink partnered with local eateries to install one-of-a-kind vending machines at SkyTrain Stations at selected locations across Metro Vancouver. When you’re literally on-the-go, commuting to and from work, sightseeing, or using fast transit to make it on time to your social events, you need to pick up something to munch on quickly–now what if it could also be fresh, local and tasty as well as fast? Hop onboard with your snack in hand, Translink’s new vending machines are here to help. Look out for these vending machines when you’re en route! Wave Bento by Sushi Mori  Burquitlam, Moody Centre, Lafarge, and Coquitlam Centre Stations  Sushi Mori is a Coquitlam-based Japanese fusion eatery. Their vending machines feature 12 items, including sushi, salads, and Asian teas. (Crunch roll, Wave…