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Lunar New Year


The ushering in of the Year of the Tiger was on February 1, and was a joyous and festive time for the Chinese community in the Lower Mainland characterized by time spent with family and friends and, of course, by copious delicious feasting. Who doesn’t love a good hearty meal? Chinese New Year is an opportunity for everyone to partake in holiday eating, most especially dishes that will, hopefully, improve success in the coming lunar year. Richmond, as a confluence of various Chinese cuisines, offers many culinary opportunities for celebrating Year of the Tiger well into 2022. Here are 8 luck-magnet dishes that will appeal to your palate and your fortunes throughout the year: Whole Fish A particularly significant dish for Chinese New Year consists of a whole fish; its associations with unity and good fortune make it a centrepiece item. A whole steamed rock cod at Shiang Garden Seafood…