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By Catherine Dunwoody From one of Vancouver’s favourite scenester hot spots, the Lobby Lounge, to gorgeous new and acclaimed Botanist bar and restaurant, this woman in the wine world is a true game-changer. Where were you born and where did you study to be a sommelier? Jill Spoor: [I was born in] Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I studied in Vancouver at the Art Institute, studying the WSET program. What was your most rewarding experience in your earlier days? Spoor: Hosting a series of Italian wine seminars when we had our Italian wine bar here at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  I absolutely love being on the educational side of wine and seminars, which allows me a platform in which to share my passion. Are you involved with any new projects or collaborations at the restaurant or elsewhere? Spoor: It’s been a very exciting year and I have had the honour of…