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By Brittany Tiplady Picnic and patio weather is almost behind us. Soak up the last few weeks of warm weather with some takeout and a picnic blanket. The Richmond area is a perfect place to explore on a nice day — we rounded up some great spots that pair well with the outdoors. LA Chicken 11780 Thorpe Rd Transit: 410 Bus 22nd St Stn. Get off at Cambie at No. 5 Road, walk three minutes A trip to LA Chicken has been on my list for some time so this article was the perfect excuse to finally try it out. For research, of course. We ordered the 2 piece chicken dinner meal — fries, coleslaw and gravy included for $13.50 — and headed across the street to King George Park for a fried chicken picnic. King George Park is great for kids and family gatherings — on this particular Saturday…