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Major international airports aren’t usually well known for their healthy grab-and-go snacks or eco-friendly dining, but Burnaby-based company Trendi, who specialize in upcycling fruit for smoothies, are changing that. Trendi recently partnered with Vancouver International Airport to install five of their smoothie vending machines at YVR, making sustainable smoothies accessible to hungry eco-conscious travellers 24/7. By Marisa Chandler Reducing food waste The Smoothie Machine by Trendi serves 100% plant-based smoothies made from rescued fruit, furthering YVR’s commitment to promote sustainability at the airport and for travellers. Upcycled ingredients for Trendi’s Smoothie Machine converts upcycled shelf-stable fruits rescued from the farm to delicious smoothies with minimal waste GHG emissions using agricultural automation and collection systems called BioTrim units that take the unused fruit from the farm and process them for the next stage. The majority of Trendi’s ingredients are currently sourced via farm partners in Ecuador, and they estimate they’ve rescued…