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By Alexis Baran Meandering up and down the hilly riverside streets of New Westminster is a great way to work up an appetite and a thirst. If you are down to hunt for the perfect local food to pair with locally brewed beer, the walk from restaurants to the neighbourhood brewery with your take-out feast in-hand is a great way to explore the streets on a nice day. Here are pairing suggestions from the crew at Steel & Oak Brewing: Restauraunt: Rivers Reach Food: New West Deli Pizza Beer: Smoked Hefeweizen Daniel Johnston, front of house manager, recommends that the “rich, meaty and savoury pizza is balanced perfectly by our smoky and subtle Hefeweizen. Great pizza and great beer, how could you go wrong?” With all of the meat piled on this pizza – salami, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, and Italian sausage, a smoked Hef is both complementary and refreshing.…