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By Jaclyn Hayward

Richmond has a bounty of fresh foods gathered and grown locally, from berry farms and wineries to free-range chickens and eggs. As we start to entertain friends and family again, explore ample offerings close to home by spending a day using Richmond’s Local Food Map (pdf) as your entertainment guide.

Start by exploring your local wine at LuLu Island Wineries
WB Westminster Hwy @ Kartner Rd

Call ahead to book the morning touring LuLu Island Wineries and taste the benefit of local berries. Lulu Island Wineries gives everyone vacation vibes with their lush atmosphere and tasting tours, and they have an endless supply of the perfect welcome gift: wine. Whether you’re planning a sister’s social or coworker catch-up, arranging a time to sample all the flavours and types of wine they have to offer is a great way to reconnect, indulge, and enjoy each other’s company close to home.

If you’re a fruit wine fan, pick up the blueberry fruit wine to pair with your favourite cheese or sweet treat that you pick up from Kwantlen St. Market.

Plan tomorrow’s breakfast together with Richmond GAIA Farms
No.5 Rd @ Blundell Rd.

If your guests are staying overnight, Richmond GAIA Farms has everything you need to assemble the breakfast hash of their dreams. With farm-fresh produce and free-range eggs, you can plan a hearty and seasonal morning meal served with a sweet berry salad as a side. If you’re looking for a thank you or goodbye gift, plan ahead – they also sell seasonal fresh produce baskets which is perfect whether you’re the guest, or the host doing the gift-giving.

Richmond GAIA Farms makes it easy to meal-plan with their detailed website, and order by phone or email is a bonus option for convenience.

Find the freshest Catch at Steveston Public Fish Sales Float
No. 1 Rd @ Moncton St.

Richmond Fish Market
Image courtesy of Tourism Richmond

Steveston Public Fish Sales Float is exactly what you imagine when you think of seafood in a coastal city. Cast and hooked locally, you’ll find seasonal seafood delights that you can cook up for friends or family year-round. Whether you’re planning a barbeque or visiting your parent’s house for dinner, picking up fresh catch is always appreciated. Visiting Steveston Public Fish Sales Float also provides quite the adventure for out-of-town guests who are sure to be mesmerized by the scenic surroundings and abundance of choice. As with all the options on Richmond’s Local Food Map, buying local means you’re supporting local, and nothing tastes better than that.

Richmond Local Food Map

Download the Richmond’s Local Food Map (pdf)

This Richmond Local Food Map is designed for you to source local and sustainable products with ease for your gift-giving events and at-home meal-making. Take your time and explore what surrounds us and enjoy the variety of flavours and harvests available.

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