The Hot Season Has Arrived: Explore The Surrey "Spice Trail" - West Coast Food

So… you say you like spicy food, do ya? Well, let’s see if you can withstand.. THE SPICE TRAIL! (thunder clap)

Ok, you can come out from under your napkin now, there’s no need to be scared. The spice in this case, is more about full flavours and celebrating international tastes, than causing any culinary trauma.

Naturally, Surrey is the perfect backdrop for such an event, as it’s neighbourhoods are brimming with vibrant recipes.

Spread across 6 neighbourhoods and over 30 restaurants, this celebration of world cuisine is a fantastic escape from any bland food routine.

Try authentic Colombia fare at Union Latino’s Food (North Surrey), a home-styled Nepalese feast at Taste of Himalayas (Newton) or an upscale Indian spread at My Shanti (South Surrey).
There are just about as many flavour possibilities here as there are on your palate, so get out and do a little plate hopping!

You can even plan your spice journey on this nifty interactive map.

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