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As the colder months approach, most of us start to seek out more comfort foods to warm our bellies. We had the chance to talk to several Vancouver foodies to ask them what their favourite dishes were in Richmond, BC – check out what they had to say and get your fill today.

Nora Hamade, NomnomYVR

Nora Hamade
Nora Hamade

Nora Hamade, better known as NomnomYVR on Instagram, is known for her beautiful food photography. With a love for travel and a passion for her hobby – food photography – this Richmondite knows her Chinese comfort foods well. Here’s what her favourite food is:

“The beef noodle soup from Pearl Castle is one of my favourite spots to hit in Richmond! Tender bits of beef and chewy noodles… who doesn’t love that?!”

Get your fill at one of two Pearl Castle locations in Richmond:

Pearl Castle Café Richmond Centre
CF Richmond Centre
1782 – 6060 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond, BC V6Y 2A7
Tel: 604-279-0177

Pearl Castle Café Continental Plaza
Continental Centre
1128 – 3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9
Tel: 604-270-3939

Please note: both locations accept cash and debit cards for payment.

Lindsay Anderson, food blogger

Lindsay Anderson
Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay is a food and travel writer based out of Vancouver, but before that, she was the foodie blogger for 365 Days of Dining. Eating at 365 different restaurants over the course of a year, Lindsay definitely knows her Richmond restaurants. Here’s what her favourite Chinese comfort foods are:

“I’d say my comfort go-to’s are the pineapple bun, complete with a slice of salted butter – that’s non-negotiable – from Lido… or the bibimbap from Haroo. Or the tan tan noodles anywhere. Can’t get enough of them!”

Lido pineapple bun | image by Lindsay Anderson
Lido pineapple bun | image by Lindsay Anderson

Find them here:

Lido Restaurant
4231 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X 3L7
Tel: 604-231-0055

Haroo Restaurant
Venezia Place
2000 – 8580 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC V6X 4B3
Tel: 604-284-5596

Xi’An Cuisine
Richmond Public Market, second floor food court
2370 – 8260 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC V6X 1A7
Tel: 604-279-9727

Please note: all locations above accept cash only for payment.

Sherman Chan, Sherman’s Food Adventures

Sherman’s just a guy who loves food, hockey and softball. Game to eat almost anything from dives to fine dining, Sherman has visited over 200 (and counting) restaurants just in Richmond alone – and he’s written about every one of them on his blog, Sherman’s Food Adventures. Find out what his favourite Chinese comfort food is:

Tsim Chai wontons | image by Sherman Chan
Tsim Chai wontons | image by Sherman Chan

“Whenever I come back into town from holidays, I stop by in Richmond for some wonton soup at Tsim Chai. The warmth and aroma from the steaming hot soup wafts up into the air creating a sense of reassurance that I’m back in the GVRD. But that’s only one part, as the buttery wontons with sweet shrimp kissed by a touch of sesame oil helps soothe the soul. This is my comfort food that I generally crave anytime I’m away.”

Diana Chan, Foodology

Diana Chan
Diana Chan

Diana first began her blog,, to keep in touch with friends through food adventures on both the west and east coasts. Since then, the blog’s taken on a life of its own and Diana’s blog has become a destination for local restaurant reviews and fast food. Having dined at over 100 Richmond restaurants, it’s fair to say she has a good handle on what the city has to offer. Here’s her favourite Chinese comfort food dish in Richmond:

“The preserved egg and pork congee from Tsim Chai has to be my pick. Congee has been my comfort food since I was a little kid. Whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather, my mother would make me a big bowl of congee. When it’s raining and I see congee on the menu, it’s hard for me to not order it!”

Tsim Chai Congee | image by Diana Chan
Tsim Chai Congee | image by Diana Chan

Visit Tsim Chai and get a bow full of wontons and noodles, or congee (or both!) here:

Tsim Chai

8251 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC V6X 1A7

Please note: Tsim Chai accepts cash only for payment.

Mijune Pak, Follow Me Foodie

Mijune Pak
Mijune Pak

You might know Mijune better as Follow Me Foodie on Instagram and Twitter. She’s also the founder and writer of While her Instagram account is drool-worthy enough, her blog offers a far more in-depth and honest look into the restaurants she’s dined at in Vancouver, and throughout the world. Here’s what she had to say about her favourite Chinese comfort foods in Richmond:

“This is a good question and I have two answers: Hong Kong BBQ Master and the xiao long bao at Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen. By now, Hong Kong BBQ Master shouldn’t be a secret and if it still is, a lot of people are missing out. I travel a lot for work and if it’s not in Hong Kong, then I look forward to BBQ pork and roast pig from HK BBQ Master. It rivals the local favourites in Hong Kong and it’s a quick, easy meal. I also crave Shanghai soup dumplings – it’s undeniably comforting just thinking of the hot, rich broth that bursts out of these dumplings. A lot of restaurants makes them to order and that alone reminds me of mom’s home cooking. My top pick is Chen’s in Richmond, but everyone has their favourites!”

HK BBQ Master | image by Mijune Pak
HK BBQ Master | image by Mijune Pak

Get your fill of both xiao long baos and Cantonese-style bbq here:

Hong Kong BBQ Master
4651 No. 3 Road (located inside the parking lot underneath the Superstore on No. 3 Road)
Richmond, BC V6X 2C4

Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen
8095 Park Road
Richmond, BC V6Y 2Y8

Please note: both restaurants accept cash only for payment.

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