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By Alexis Baran

It’s mid-January in Vancouver, and we are ready to stop letting the possibility of a little more winter rain dictate our plans at this point – we are ready to be outside. Street Food City, a part of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival is right on time, with a meeting of over 20 food trucks downtown all in one spot. Grab your coat, have your umbrella in hand, and follow the scent of melting cheeses, searing meats, grilling vegetables and wafts of spices to the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival Street Food City
Image by Tourism Vancouver / Vision Event Photography

You can get hot and gooey with not one but two grilled cheese trucks (with vegan cheese and gluten-free options) or have a heap of mac & cheese that goes from a classic style to topped with broccoli or banana peppers or even (and you’ve got to try this one) roasted seaweed and teriyaki.

If you’re into more world cuisine, travel around by sampling goodies from one of the many globally-inspired trucks. Aussie pies are made in the Australian style but with with local Canadian meats and veggies.  Of the Sicilian risotto balls at Mr. Arancino’s truck, the Salmon Arancini balls are my favourite, and he even has vegetarian and vegan options (yes, vegan risotto balls) on the menu. There are also Indian butter chicken schnitzels by world-renowned and celebrity chef, Vikram Vij; Korean tacos; Thai soup; Jamaican patties, and other flavourful bites for you find on your festival wander.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival Street Food City
Image by Tourism Vancouver / Rob Gilbert Photography

Vancouver’s own Kafka’s Coffee will be rolling in from Main Street and serving hot espresso drinks, pour-over coffee and teas to warm your hands while you wait.

In case of precipitation and for the added luxury of seated, two-handed chowing, there will be tents set up where you can spread out with friends and share your findings (or keep it all to yourself – your call).

Street Food City is January 22 – 28, check here for more information.


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