Warm Your Belly with These 5 Food Truck Comfort Foods in Vancouver - West Coast Food

By Joyce Chua, Vancouver Foodie Tours

Spring is a beautiful time to be in British Columbia. While the flowers start to bud, there’s nothing like getting outside in the crisp air, finding one of Vancouver’s tantalizing food trucks and warming up with a piping hot meal.

For Vancouver’s crisp spring days, these five food truck comfort foods will warm your soul:

1. Spicy Chicken Sandwich at The Frying Pan

This Spicy chicken sandwich is notorious with locals who work in downtown Vancouver. If you love spice, this hefty deep-fried chicken sandwich will bring a pink flush to your cheeks. On those cool spring days, look for cherry blossoms and spicy chicken sandwiches around Burrard SkyTrain station.

2. Roasted Tomato Soup at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

It’s always the ideal time of year for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck. If you’re visiting in winter or spring, there’s a good chance Mom is still serving up her cozy cups of roasted tomato soup. This classic combination is especially delicious with the scenic view from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

3. Mushroom Poutine from Kaboom Box

The Mushroom poutine is a well-kept secret at Kaboom Box. This little red food cart is most well known for their sustainable seafood – particularly their hot smoked salmon. But on a cool Spring day, savvy foodies will add to their order a helping of crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds, vegetarian gravy, and hearty mushrooms.

Mushroom Poutine at Kaboom Box

4. Korubuta Terimayo at Japadog

When you’re walking around downtown Vancouver, you’re never far from the famous Japanese hot dog stand – Japadog! The decadent smell wafting from the carts comes from their juicy Korubuta pork sausages, which are cooked to perfection before your eyes. The classic Korubuta Terimayo – complete with dried seaweed, Japanese mayonnaise, bonito flakes and teriyaki sauce –  has become a comfort food staple for locals.

5. Pulled Pork Seoul Fries from Disco Cheetah

Pulled pork, French fries, and Korean kimchi; three soul foods have found a place together in one steamy, dreamy dish: Seoul fries. Disco Cheetah’s bright yellow food truck serves up deliciousness in and Vancouver – downtown, farmers markets and beyond.

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