Where to Eat for Lunar New Year in Metro Vancouver - West Coast Food

By Avneet Takhar

They say all good things come at once, and we couldn’t agree more. In celebration of Lunar New Year there are a slew of Chinese-owned and operated places to eat, with specials on. And  if you’re opting to stay at home, then HBO’s timely new series: Take Out with Lisa Ling is the ultimate experience to pair your chopsticks with!

So, here are our suggestions of where to eat:


Chinatown BBQ

Not only is Chinatown BBQ putting on take-home feasts to ring in the Year of the Tiger, but they have also teamed up with Beaucoup Bakery for a competition to win some yummy peking duck croissants, see here.

Chinatown BBQ

Going back to the topic of feasts, you bet I tried one and almost broke out in meat sweats-no JK, but I savoured every juicy bite! I went for the “Good Luck Feast” for 2, a selection of BBQ pork and duck, soy chicken, lap chong (Chinese sausage), steamed rice, bok choy, fortune cookies, Hong Kong lemon ice tea and condiments of plum sauce and gai lan (garlic sauce). Like I said, meat sweats but worth it.

If you have a family to feed, there’s also the “Blessings Feast” for 4 and “Happiness Feast” for 6 (jellyfish included!).

Chinatown BBQ

Order either from the Chinatown BBQ app, in person or over the phone.

130 E Pender St, Vancouver
Transit: Just under 10 minutes walk from Stadium- Chinatown station


Mooch By Megan

Megan Sanderson, AKA “Cake Baker of the Year” 2021, as awarded by Corporate Live Wire, Canada is a whizz when it comes to light and fluffy cakes- and she’ll make you a Lunar special if you want something for afters!

Mooch by Megan

There’s the option to customize cakes alongside the staple flavours that are listed such as vanilla salted caramel and high tea which is lavender-infused with honey Italian buttercream *drool*. So go ahead and enjoy a slice or two with the family!

Order in advance- she’ll be a busy bee during this celebration season!

Deliveries to Vancouver, and some surrounding areas.


Shanghai River Restaurant

If you have fine and exotic tastes, Shanghai River has a stream of choices that will measure up. Items that stand out include braised foie gras dripping in wine sauce, smoked pigeon and the crab meat & fish maw soup. They even have whole abalone available, a rare gastropod mollusk, large sea snail that exists as a species of 2 in Canada!

7831 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
Transit: A 5 minute walk from Brighouse station


Meile Bakery & Restaurant

Cozy and upscale restaurant, Meile, recognized in 2021 as “Recommended” by Restaurant Guru has various set-menus which is great for those who have a small gathering. They also have a vast array of other foods ranging from fried rice, curry, congee, duck, pork, beef, seafood, hotpot, chow mein and BBQ and vegetarian eats. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

112-100 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam
Transit: Braid Station, then grab the 169 bus and get off at Lougheed Highway @ Schoolhouse St


New Lakeview Seafood & Wuntun Restaurant 

There are solid portions here and so many classic mmmmmmm plates! Appetizers like sweet and sour battered chicken balls, deep fried wontons, crispy egg rolls, lettuce wraps with shredded pork. Mains such as chicken with green pepper and black bean sauce, dried spicy prawns, egg foo yung with meat and veggie options, and combination menus if you want to try a bit of everything!

7765 6th St, Burnaby
Transit: Edmonds station/ or New Westminster station, then jump on the 106 bus and get off at 6th St @ 12th Ave


Chan’s Garden

Chan’s Garden

In simplistic and modern digs, Chan’s Garden is family-friendly and includes desserts and juices on the menu. Popular for the poultry, tofu and soups, go for the war wonton soup, complete with prawns and whole mushrooms, mapo tofu and schezuan boiled beef with stir-fried sticky rice.

Chan’s Garden

They have group dinners and combinations if you don’t know what to pick!

441 E Columbia St, New Westminster
Transit: Braid Station, then a 14 minute walk

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