You CAN Sit With Us! In Celebration of Eating Indoors Again - West Coast Food

In case you haven’t heard the news, restaurants are reopening their doors and allowing indoor seating once again! And all we can say is, *sigh of relief*. While all the new patios across the city have added so much to the feeling of community, we can’t wait to get back to the full dining experience, you know, without being exposed to the elements. 

So here’s the rundown, 

-Restaurants are open as soon as they’re able to.

-You can dine in groups of up to 6 people (can be from outside your household)

– Masks are still required when you’re not at your table

-Liquor service ends at 10 pm

-Restaurants will still be required to have a COVID-safety plan

That’s the long and short of it! Foodies rejoice! We’re already compiling a list of places that we’re planning to hit in the coming weeks. Just off the top of our head, here’s where we’ll be headed first:


Published On Main

We’ve heard so many great things about this spot, that it kills us we haven’t been in yet! A quick scan of their Instagram, and you’ll be salivating at the artistry of the plating as much as the food itself. First order of business is to order the bee pollen milk buns with whipped butter, as well as an SPF cocktail (tequila, Aperol, Aztec chocolate, firewater bitters, citric acid syrup & sparkling water).


John 3:16 Malaysian Delights

We have solid intel that this is just about the best Malaysian in the city. Every single dish looks like there’s a symphony of texture happening- flaky, crispy, juicy. It’s prob best not to sit too close to us when we’re trying their famous spiced fried chicken, you might be hit with a piece of crunchy batter shrapnel.


New West:



Brazillian street food- we didn’t even know we needed it. Another pick from our word of mouth list, WhataFood specializes in savoury thin-crust pies called pastels. Filled with assorted meats, spices, and cheeses, this comfort food seems kind of like a big handheld wonton. Apparently, it’s best paired with fresh sugar cane juice, which they happen to cold press on the premises!





Having opened right before lockdown, this global fusion eatery was mainly serving their guests on their small front patio. Now that we can head inside though, we can enjoy one of the most gorgeously decorated rooms in Langley. Mixing influences from Thailand, France, and West Coast Canadian, Fanta has us excited to discover new tastes and sensations- namely their Midnight Burger, a prime rib patty with all the fixings served on a homemade charcoal bun.


So that’s what’s on our agenda, but let us know which spots you’ve been hankerin’ to try now that restaurants can get back to business again! Happy dining!

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