Chocolate, Sweets, and Baking

What’s velvety, silky, smooth and pairs well with almost anything? Chocolate! Enjoy it on its own,
pair it with a warm cup of coffee, or have a rich square for dessert. Local chocolatiers have earned themselves a loyal fan base of chocolate-enthusiasts and it’s no wonder. Vancouver’s North Shore-based Thomas Haas has mastered his recipe for rich, dark “sparkle cookies,” which
have been named among the best in the world. Meanwhile, Steven Hodge of Temper Pastry located in West Vancouver continues to mix up his decadent cakes, pastries and chocolate treats for locals and visitors to delight in. There are many chocolatiers out there from names emblazoned on tiny treat boxes to smaller-name creators who are toiling in their kitchens to create masterpieces of cocoa as you read.

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