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Circa 1900, “Brewery Creek” was moniker for a stretch of stream in what is today Mount Pleasant. Centered on what’s now known as Main Street, the trickling water supply powered water wheels for area beer and soda producers. Decades of urban development saw the stream closed over and the prohibition years resulted in the breweries closing down – until now. Thanks to the recent change in liquor laws and new crop of breweries are popping up in Mount Pleasant and the area is reclaiming the name Brewery Creek.


Take yourself on a tour, strolling around brewery creek until you can stroll no more.

Red Truck Brewery
295 East 1st Avenue

Begin the tour at the brand new Red Truck brewery diner. Fill up on food and delicious beer before you begin to ingest even more beer!

Brassneck Brewery
2148 Main St, Vancouver

Head south on Main Street up the hill to 6th Avenue and enter Brassneck – one of Vancouver’s premiere tasting rooms serving up some of the best beer. Make sure to try everything – it’s all good! While you’re there, try one of the locally-made game pepperoni sticks at the growler counter; elk, bison, boar – it’s all local and delicious.

Main Street Brewery
259 East 7th Ave, Vancouver

Stroll up one block and hang a left on 7th to find Main Street Brewery. Prop yourself up at a table and try the beers produced right next to where the city’s first brewery sat.

33 Acres Brewery
15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver

Head up one block to 8th and back west to Ontario Street to find 33 Acres. Make sure to try 33 Acres of Ocean as well – as a tasting board of meats and breads.

Steel Toad Brewpub
97 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Head north seven blocks and find the Steel Toad Brewpub. Roll inside to try their beers – maybe even a wheat beer with syrup for dessert.


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