Chef David Pan of Richmond’s Origo Club Keeps his French Cuisine Simple - West Coast Food

By Catherine Dunwoody

Modern and fresh French cuisine, in Richmond–you better believe it. We sat down with Origo Club’s David Pan to learn about his journey from Taiwan to Coquitlam to Burnaby, and a career in culinary.

Where were you born?
David Pan: Born in Taiwan and raised in Coquitlam since 8 years old.

What was food like in your growing up household?
DP: Classic Chinese cuisine from north and south regions. Comfort food, healthy and light in seasoning and oil. Quality ingredients.

Did you cook at home during your childhood?
DP: Yes, assisting my mother for simple preps like washing, cutting and tasting.

Image courtesy of Origo Club

Where did you study culinary and when?
DP: 2002 at Malaspina University College in Nanaimo, now known as Vancouver Island University. Then I finished my apprenticeship and Red Seal at Vancouver Community College.

Most rewarding experience in your earlier days? Any mentors?
DP: Washing dishes together with Master Chef Bruno Marti at his restaurant La Belle Au Berge. Cooking and learning with many famous chefs in Europe. Chef John Lewis’ guidance through my apprenticeship. Now he’s an instructor in VCC.

Signature dish?
DP: Seafood. Sablefish with mushroom broth.

What style of cuisine do you serve at the restaurant?
DP: French Cuisine  – classic nouvelle

Image courtesy of Origo Club

What are your biggest challenges as a chef?
DP: Stay focus and sharp even with long hours.

Any advice for young people who aspire to be chefs or restaurateurs?
DP:  Keep ingredients simple and honest, to showcase themselves. Try and learn techniques from different countries and utilize them in French cuisine. Travel and see the world with passion!

Origo Club
No.110 – 6888 River Rd
Richmond, BC

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