Dine and Drink in Vibrant Colour at Sushi King George in Surrey - West Coast Food

By Kristi Alexandra

Just a stone’s throw away from Surrey Central Station is one of the most inventive sushi joints you’ll find south of the Fraser. With presentation that pops and fish so fresh you’d think it had been caught today, Sushi King George certainly lives up to its royal allusion.

The food’s not the only thing that’ll keep crowds coming back, though. We tried on the eatery’s inventive cocktail menu along with a few dishes. Here’s what we ate.

Get started with a house-made sake cocktail. Pictured are the Pina Colada and the Blue Hawaiian made with sake in place of rum.

The Samurai is made with 2oz of sake, soda and grenadine syrup.

The starter platter has edamame, takoyaki, korroke, and gyoza. ($10.50)

The Spicy Heaven Roll above is spicy tuna on top of California Roll with spicy and unagi sauce ($10.95). The Hawaiian Roll above is cream cheese, crabstick, avocado and cucumber roll topped with mango slices, raw salmon, masago and sauce ($12.95).

The Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp) comes with a deep-fried shrimp head and thorax as garnish.

The Spicy Heaven Roll is spicy tuna on top of California Roll with spicy and unagi sauce.

Tobiko & quail egg sashimi mixes a smooth quail yolk with the salty pops of fish roe.

Tie up loose ends with a simple scoop of green tea ice cream. Also available are Hazelnut Pear, coconut surprise and mango ice cream. ($2)

Sushi King George
#102-10344 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC


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