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By Jaclyn Jularbal

The Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond boasts an amazing view of the Fraser River and it’s also home to some of the best fish and chips around. Whether you’re a cod, halibut, or even a prawn fan – the deliciously deep-fried choice is up to you. In rain or shine, for here or to go, the wharf is open year-round to serve you up some world-famous eats.

12351 3 Ave, Richmond, BC

One of the most recognizable, long-standing places along the wharf is Pajo’s.
Having been around for over 30 years, its yellow banner and unique dock-style entranceway has been a staple in Steveston for decades. Don’t let the lineup of people fool you, the cooks and counter clerks are speedy and the food is worth the wait. Ask anyone in line and they’ll be able to attest that what they’re waiting for is fish-and-chip perfection. Pajo’s crisp and golden fish has just the right amount of crunch; couple that with their home-style tartar sauce or sour lemon zest and the combination will leave your mouth watering for more.

Pajos | image by Sandra Steier
Pajos | Image by Sandra Steier

Now, a favourite thing about Pajo’s is that they offer the option for grilled fish and chips. If you’re not in the mood for deep-fried but you’re still a fish-fanatic, you can have your favourite fish served grilled on top of a basket of hot Pajo’s fries. With one, two, and three-piece combos, Pajo’s leaves you with lots of options based on your hunger and craving level.

The view by Pajo’s is also one-of-a-kind. Because its located on a dock, down and away from the wharf, Pajo’s location is exclusive and allows you to eat your meal directly on the Fraser River; creating the perfect ambience for a relaxing afternoon lunch.

Sockeye City Grill
108-3800 Bayview St, Steveston, BC

Further down the Wharf is the rock star patio belonging to Sockeye City Grill.  Whether you eat inside or wait at the take-out window, there are fresh fish options for everyone.

Image courtesy of Sockeye City Grill
Image courtesy of Sockeye City Grill

One of the best things about Sockeye City Grill is that they have prawns n’ chips!  Deep-fried prawns paired with tasty restaurant-style fries is a great take on an old summer staple – and an absolutely perfect choice for prawn-lovers.

Sockeye City Grill’s Take-Out Prawns n’ Chips | Image by Daryl Hayward
Sockeye City Grill’s Take-Out Prawns n’ Chips | Image by Daryl Hayward

Sockeye City Grill also has some cool side add-ons, like extra fish or oyster pieces, and a creamy seafood chowder.  Eat inside, eat on the patio, or eat on a bench along the wharf – the Sockeye City Grill experience is up to you.

The waterfront atmosphere of Fisherman’s Wharf really revs up the appetite –

so if you’re craving battered fish, grilled fish, or even prawns on a heaping portion of fries with homemade tartar sauces, head over to Steveston on the southwest tip of Richmond.

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