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By Brittany Tiplady

“Born from opportunity, in the year of the monkey,” the folks at Monkey 9 Brewing are eager to show their community a good time, preferably with a beer in hand.

Tucked away on Entertainment Boulevard, just a stones throw from the SilverCity Cinemas, Watermania and the Richmond Ice Centre, Monkey 9 Brewing offers their guests a robust menu, a generous happy hour, award winning beer, and on the premises, Lucky9 lanes bowling alley.

Image courtesy of Monkey 9 Brewing

If you’re wondering why the number nine, “nine represents positivity, gratification, togetherness, magic and wisdom.”

Image courtesy of Monkey 9 Brewing

“Everything is very superstitious. We opened up during the year of the Monkey [2016] and 9s are very, very lucky. With Lucky 9, Monkey 9 (monkeys are very lucky as well) it’s lucky right across the board. We work hand-in hand, which is really fun in my opinion,” says Monkey9 general manager, Martin O’Hara.

The brewery is helmed by Travis Lang, a home brewer and graphic designer turned assistant brewmaster, widely celebrated for his James Brown Ale. In 2018 the James Brown Ale took home third place at the BC Beer Awards in the North American Amber and Brown ale category.

“He loves his IPAs and pale ales but the James Brown is definitely his baby. Most people, especially if you like a brown ale, will gravitate towards that one. It’s our most recognizable beer,” shares O’Hara.

Richmond has quite the craft beer scene brewing with Britannia and of course Fuggles and Warlock gaining provincial recognition. Monkey 9 however, has its own distinct place in the community.

“Travis focuses on the styles he loves. We got American style pale ales where the hops are a little higher and the alcohol is a little bit lower so everything is very balanced and approachable. Our lager is called a ‘Dad Lager’ so you can’t really get more approachable than that,” he says.

The brewpub boasts 145 seats; hungry guests have a large menu to choose from, but according to O’Hara some fan favourites are the Munson burger, the garlic chilli rice bowl, and of course, the pizzas, made fresh in Monkey 9’s guest-facing pizza oven.

Image courtesy of Monkey 9 Brewing

Monkey 9 has some exciting updates coming soon including a monthly stand-up comedy night, a bi-weekly open mic night, trivia night, and some changes to their liquor license that will allow Lucky 9 guests to have full food and beverage service while bowling.

Image courtesy of Monkey 9 Brewing

“A lot of the time, people who come in didn’t even know we exist. A lot of parents waiting for their kids to be done swimming or hockey and they’ll come in for a beer and they end up having dinner and bringing their kids in and then eventually we find our guests come back weekly and bringing their families. We’re family friendly as well as an after-work beers and relaxation spot,” he says.

Next time you’re making plans in Richmond, movies, Watermania, or otherwise, be sure to add Monkey9 Brewing as an essential part of your evening–with all that luck you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Hour at Monkey 9 is Monday-Friday 3-6. All beers $5 for the pint, house red and white wine $5 6oz.

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