Here's Your Chance to Dine Like a Critic in Richmond

Everyone’s a critic! 

If you’ve ever heard someone say it, and thought, “Well, actually, no, I’m not,” then this is your moment to live up to that old figure of speech. You can now channel your inner Aton Ego (the villain hero from Ratatouille) with this tour through one of the Lower Mainland’s most celebrated foodie destinations: Richmond

Now, a curated tour through the area’s famous Chinese cuisine would already be enough to warrant a ticket. However, the fact that this one is led by Globe and Mail food critic, Alexandra Gill, makes it a must for anyone remotely interested in food, food culture, or food criticism. In a private dining experience, your party will join Gill on a tour through her favourite restaurants, enjoying eight to ten courses, plus dessert.
For those in the know, it’s one thing to read her famous reviews, but listening to her stories and tasting notes firsthand as you eat is something you just can’t put on paper. Wine and beer are included in the package, and you’ll be led on foot by your guide from one spot to the next (although chauffeured transportation can be available for a supplemental charge).

Metro Vancouver’s local communities have plenty of fantastic food tours, and while many of them give a broad spectrum of why our international taste buds are great, this tour is special because of the sheer focus of its leader.

Each of Ms. Gill’s restaurant picks is informed by her incredibly high standards for taste and service. And in that regard, it’s always fascinating to see a master of their craft working their magic. The fact that she’s sharing her wisdom and strength of palate with her guests is a testament that criticism need not be stuffy or elitist. It’s a welcome tour through a community of passion. Similar to the motto of Chef Gousteu (again, from Ratatouille), “Anyone can cook,” we share the same sentiment that anyone can critique.

Just be sure to share all your favourite food with the world afterwards.

To book your spot, visit the Dine Like a Critic site here:

*All photos courtesy of Alexandra Gill/ Dine Like a Critic

By Mark Shelling

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