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Everyone’s a critic!  If you’ve ever heard someone say it, and thought, “Well, actually, no, I’m not,” then this is your moment to live up to that old figure of speech. You can now channel your inner Aton Ego (the villain hero from Ratatouille) with this tour through one of the Lower Mainland’s most celebrated foodie destinations: Richmond.  Now, a curated tour through the area’s famous Chinese cuisine would already be enough to warrant a ticket. However, the fact that this one is led by Globe and Mail food critic, Alexandra Gill, makes it a must for anyone remotely interested in food, food culture, or food criticism. In a private dining experience, your party will join Gill on a tour through her favourite restaurants, enjoying eight to ten courses, plus dessert. For those in the know, it’s one thing to read her famous reviews, but listening to her stories and…