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We’re ready for summer! When the sun is shining, indulge and cool down with one of these five delectable treats found in Richmond, BC.


The Screamer is a half drink, half dessert hybrid that combines flavoured slush with vanilla soft-serve ice cream on the bottom and top. You can pick this treat up at Screamers Soft Serve in Steveston during the spring and summer months.

Mango Desserts

This juicy tropical fruit’s natural tartness and sweetness is a natural pick for Asian desserts. A great mango dessert should be juicy, fragrant, sweet and most importantly, it should send you on a tropical escape. Mango Yummy (6564 No. 3 Road) features a menu of mango-based desserts including drinks, shaved ice bowls, ice cream bowls and much more. Our top pick is the mango sago with pomelo, made with mango, pomelo, sago, coconut milk, cream, sugar and drizzled with condensed milk.

Mango sago at Mango Yummy | image by Sherman Chan
Mango sago at Mango Yummy | Image by Sherman Chan

Taiwanese Shaved Ice

Unlike the shaved ice found in sno-cones, the Taiwanese version of shaved ice dessert features finely shaved paper-thin ribbons of ice that comes piled high in a bowl and topped with your choice of toppings. Restaurants like Icy Bar (Parker Place Mall) specialize in dessert bowls like this and while the topping choices can be overwhelming, their menu offers set choices to make ordering easy. We recommend the mango strawberry shaved ice. This bowl of shaved ice is served with fresh chopped strawberries and mangoes, topped with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream and drizzled with condensed milk to balance out the tart fruits.

Strawberry mango icy bowl at Icy Bar | image by Sherman Chan
Strawberry mango icy bowl at Icy Bar | Image by Sherman Chan

Korean Bingsoo

Did you ever eat snow when you were a kid? Bingsoo is similar to that – except, far more delicious. At Snowy Village Dessert Café (8571 Alexandra Road), staff fill a metal bowl with a tower of creamy shaved iced milk that has the texture of fluffy snow. Your snowdrift-in-a-bowl is then covered with your choice of toppings – fresh mango, red bean, matcha or mixed with Oreos, and then crowned with a generous drizzle of condensed milk.

Injeolmi bingsoo at Snowy Village | image by Carolyn Heller
Injeolmi bingsoo at Snowy Village | Image by Carolyn Heller

Single-Origin Chocolate Custard Ice Cream

We couldn’t leave out the most important ice cold dessert: ice cream! Above and beyond your usual scoop or two of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream in a cone, the team at Wild Sweets by Dominique and Cindy Duby has a cups of single-origin chocolate custard ice cream – made with 70% dark chocolate bits and your choice of four fruit-filled flavoured. To top it -ff – get it baked baked crème brûlée.  Go get some at The Atelier at 214 – 12191 Hammersmith Way.

Image courtesy of Wild Sweets

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