Indulge in Lavender Delights at Lavenderland - West Coast Food

By Jaclyn Hayward

Autumn may be nearing, but lavender season is still in full bloom, so relish and enjoy the sensory experience offered by this captivating and locally-grown herb. Lavenderland opened earlier this summer in Richmond, providing an excellent opportunity to take friends and family on a scented journey exploring endless photo-taking moments and exclusive products and treats.

Lavenderland in Richmond
Image courtesy of Lavenderland

Purple-flavoured anything is delightful, and that goes without saying for this summer’s newest favourite food pairings available exclusively at Lavenderland: lavender-infused gelato, and lavender-infused tea.

Blackball Tea has really captured the flower’s essence and colours with their magnificent purple display of new tea flavours created especially for Lavenderland. Try the Lavender Meet Yogurt drink and be ready to wander the fields refreshed.

Steveston’s Mr. Gold’s Gelato has also created a range of unique and tasty lavender-infused combinations available for purchase at the farm. Order the Lavender Lemon gelato as you peruse the blooming blossoms and enjoy it while you take in the sights and smells of the fields around you. This frozen sweet treat adds to the farm’s magic so be sure to delight in this delectable pairing during your visit.

Lavenderland’s exclusive tea and gelato pair-offs are seasonal, so be sure to indulge soon and don’t wait for the next sunny day. Lavender season doesn’t last forever, so purchase your individual tickets or family passes now and enjoy the flavourful offerings and products at Richmond’s Lavenderland while you still can.

Find more herb-infused essentials and treats at their upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Find workshops and more by visiting Lavenderland’s event page.

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