Quick Read: An Ode to the Best Bread Service in Vancouver - West Coast Food


Thank you L’abattoir.

Being cooped up for the bulk of a year has shown us the true colours of our cravings. Surprisingly, it’s not always the main courses, the featured protein or the house specials that have us longingly pawing at the rain-soaked window pane. Today, we’re pining for a bowl of carbs, and not just any garden variety: The most exquisite bread service in the city. You’re likely now asking yourself, is this seriously an article about a bowl of bread. Why yes it is, and we don’t care. Judgement be damned, this is the article!

If you’ve visited L’abattoir in Gastown, you know they’re well known for outstanding Westcoast/French fusion, and impeccable service. But for us, the MVP in the whole operation is the complimentary bread service. Worth the visit alone, and all housemade here’s what’s in it:

Bacon Brioche

Warm, fluffy and savoury, these little bundles of umami will have you slowing down so you can give ample consideration to every bite.

Parmesan and Anchovy Twist

A subtle crust surrounds this flakey twist that will keep you enraptured with every soft crunch. The mild anchovy flavouring nicely compliments the sharp parm notes, a medley that pairs wonderfully with a glass from their renowned wine program.

 Sesame Flatbread

The unsung hero of the bunch, this one creeps up on you. Almost like a papadum, this sesame-sprinkled crisper has a lingering Indian spice to it.

That’s it. Go there, sit down and ask for the best bread in the city. End of article.



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