Sriracha revolver’s Jordan Hocking on the Secret to Her Sauces

Sriracha revolver’s Jordan hocking on the secret to her sauces

By Catherine Dunwoody

Sriracha is a small town on the coast of Thailand, and where the original spicy sauce comes from. Vancouver’s Jordan Hocking, Indigenous entrepreneur and owner of Sriracha Revolver has a complete line of her own sauces made at her Commercial Drive headquarters. West Coast Food contributor Catherine Dunwoody chatted with her about her career, and the secret to her sauce.

Image courtesy of Sriracha Revolver

What does the revolver mean in your brand name?

Revolver is a Spanish verb for stir, mix, or mess up.

How did you get your start? 

I made sauce for gifts one year and found it’s a very creative experience. Working with fresh produce and putting together different combinations to reach particular flavour goals is really satisfying. I was at home with my small children, and it was an activity and outlet that was wholly mine!

Were you working in the food production or restaurant business prior?

I have previously worked at a coffee shop during university but that was many years ago, and had been in sales, marketing and design before we started our family.

Image courtesy of Sriracha Revolver

When did you open your business and are you the sole owner?

I started my business in a small form in 2017. I am the sole owner and the founder of the company.

Why hot sauce?

I have a lot of family and friends who love hot sauce, which is why I started making it. I have a passion for cooking and even more so for eating. I like that hot sauce is a way to add so much to a meal with very little effort. It has a lot of power. It is a staple that feels like a treat.

Image courtesy of Sriracha Revolver

Tell me a bit about your different flavours and what dish each of them is best suited for?

Image courtesy of Sriracha Revolver

I started off with three flavours and have grown to six core flavours now. I am expanding to do short runs of small creative sauces as the opportunity arises. My most popular flavours are Chili Garlic and Cilantro Lime. These flavours are versatile and have ingredients that people expect to find in their hot sauce but balanced nicely and highlighting freshness. A lot of hot sauces are fermented, and I love fermented foods. With my sauces, I try to capture fresh flavour. I want people to feel like they added amazing fresh ingredients to their meals just by adding hot sauce. As for how they work with each dish, I think that is very personal to the customer. I created Jalapeño Ginger to be poke bowl in sauce form, but it has so many other uses. I love to use it for dipping dumplings in and as salad dressing. Beets and Tequila is my absolute all tie favourite sauce. It is rich, luxurious, and garlicy and I love to pair it with anything brunch or BBQ.

Any plans to branch off into other products in this next year?

I just made a version of my Cilantro Lime sauce with organic green habaneros that were grown by the students at Kwantlen Polytechnic and they are so beautiful and fresh. The sauce came out so wonderfully with a delightful sour finish very reminiscent of Thai cooking. I think folks will love it.

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