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By Katie Ingram, head bartender, L’Abattoir Vancouver’s L’Abattoir restaurant is housed in a 19th–century heritage building where the city’s first jail once stood. Head bartender Katie Ingram pays homage to the location’s haunted past with a cocktail inspired by a time when whisky followed freely. The bourbon-based drink offers savoury tasting notes that evoke elements of a prisoner’s last meal. Black tea and vermouth add a gamey quality to drink, while the Nightshade cordial bring weight and texture to create a full-bodied libation perfect for slow-sipping in dark corners.  INGREDIENTS Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon (45 mL or 1.5 oz.) Fermented black tea-infused vermouth (20 mL or 0.75 oz.) Nightshade cordial (10 mL or 0.25 oz.) Bittered Sling French Quarter Bitters (2 dashes) DIRECTIONS 1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice.

By Marc Slingsby-Jones, bar manager, Café Medina “Initially, I wanted to name this cocktail the ‘Black Widow.’ It turns out that’s a fairly popular name for a cocktail, so I channeled my inner nerd and the spirit of Halloween and came up with ‘Tales of Suspense #52’ — the comic in which the Black Widow superhero first makes her appearance.” INGREDIENTS Vodka (1.5 oz) Grand Marnier (1/2 oz) Fresh lime juice (1/2 oz) Charcoal syrup (30ml water, 30ml sugar, 1 pinch of activated charcoal) Egg white (from 1 egg) Mulled cranberry syrup (1 oz) *see below for recipe DIRECTIONS 1. Add egg white, vodka, Grand Marnier, lime juice, and cranberry syrup to shaker. 2. Give the mixture a good hard, dry shake (no ice). 3. Fill shaker with ice and shake a second time. 4. Double strain mixture into a coupe glass. 5. Wait for foam to form on top…

By Dylan Williams, H2 Rotisserie & Bar at The Westin Bayshore Vancouver INGREDIENTS Cuban rum (2 oz) Lime (1/2, quartered) Demerera sugar cubes (2) Mint with stems (a handful) Soda water (a splash) DIRECTIONS Muddle limes and sugar together with a splash of soda water in shaker tin. Add rum and mint to tin and shake hard with ice. Double strain to remove used lime and mint.

By Tacofino INGREDIENTS Torres Brandy (1 oz) Becherovka (½ oz) Lemon juice (1 oz) Spiced fig syrup (½ oz Egg white (1) Nutmeg (garnish) DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and dry shake. Shake once again over ice and fine strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with nutmeg.