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A non-profit based in Richmond, The Sharing Farm mean what they say in their name—it’s all about sharing, especially with those who face food shortages. The Sharing Farm’s mission is to reduce food insecurity. With the added strain of the cost of living crisis, the farm has become a haven for those in need. They have initiatives spanning from food banks to community meal programs, raking up an impressive 19,339 pounds of produce so far. And they also offer harvest baskets and your “five-a-day” at their farm location, and farmers markets across Metro Vancouver. We sat down with Executive Director; Leslie Williams and chair member Doris Bruce to learn more!  By Avneet Takhar Tell us how Sharing Farms all started, Leslie! The Sharing Farm Society (TSF) started when a group of Richmond folks realized that food banks rarely had fresh produce available. In order to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to…