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Summer is around the corner and that can only mean one thing: Farmers’ market season is calling! So grab your sturdiest tote bags, wagons, and baskets, and get ready to hit the stalls at your local farmers’ markets across the BC Lower Mainland. Farmers’ markets offer far more than just fresh, organic produce–although, that’s reason enough to make the trip–these busy bustling spots are valued community hubs, offering an array of culinary and artisanal delights. Support your local growers and producers by shopping local for everything from bread to dairy products, to canned goods and frozen products. Food stalls only scratch the service, however – plenty of farmer’s markets open up to vendors who sell other handmade goods such as candles, jewelry, ceramics and more.  From the quaint charm of suburban markets to the bustling energy of stalls nestled in the center of the city, these Lower Mainland farmers markets…