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Chew on This Tasty Tours offers a unique, personal dinner experience with celebrity chef, Vikram Vij. Here’s how it started and how it’s going. By Lise Hines, Owner of Chew on This Tasty Tours In 2014, Globe and Mail writer Marsha Lederman was interviewing Season Nine’s newest Dragon, Chef Vikram Vij, who stated,  “I am going to give that person that love and that attention and see how much fire that person has in their eyes, how much passion they have and if that is [the case], then I’m going to let them be the ruler of their own fate. I’m just going to give them that helpful hand.” Lederman went on to observe that, “Chef Vikram’s positioning himself as the “Dragon with heart” is a bit of show business in itself, [but] it is completely consistent with his personality – and jibes with his own story.” Chew On This…