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By Jenni Sheppard Calling all chocolate lovers! We have a treat for you—some of the best bean-to-bar chocolates you will ever taste, right here in Metro Vancouver. But what is bean-to-bar chocolate? Simply put, this is small-batch, craft chocolate, produced from scratch by artisan chocolate makers in a true labour of love. These chocolatiers buy their cacao beans directly from farmers around the world, building a real connection with the people who grow, harvest, and ferment their beans. Once back in British Columbia, these hand selected cacao beans are roasted, ground, and conched into tasty craft chocolate, over a process that can take weeks. Bean-to-bar chocolate is pure, created to bring out the true flavours of each kind of cacao bean and each growing region. Every small batch is a deeply unique treat. To tease your tastebuds, we’ve put together this ultimate list of six of the best craft chocolatiers…