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By Alexis Baran

The Dine Out Vancouver Festival graces plates from January 18th – February 3rd and along with three-course meals, culinary tours, classes and tastings all over the city, guest chefs from all over the world will be cooking up inspired collaborations. Each chef from abroad will be in the kitchen with a Vancouverite, and the pairs will work together creating something that shakes up the tastebuds.

Look who’s teaming up:

London, Great Britain

Chef Warren Geraghty & Chef Felix Zhou

Who: Chef Warren Geraghty and Vancouver’s Chef Felix Zhou
Where: Heritage Asian Eatery
When: January 22, 2019
Details: The two accomplished culinary stars first met working on the line at Vancouver’s acclaimed West Restaurant and later teamed up across the pond at Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin La Chapelle in London. During this one-night-only event, Zhou and Geraghty will work in tandem to prepare an internationally inspired multi-course tasting menu that showcases their respective global experiences.

Sydney, Australia

Chef Francesco Mannelli & Chef Edgar Kano

Who: Chef Francesco Mannelli and Vancouver’s Chef Edgar Kano
Where:  YEW seafood + bar
When:  January 23, 2019
Details: Though they live and cook oceans apart, Executive Chef Edgar Kano and Head Chef Francesco Mannelli share a passion for seafood and fishing, and a desire to create memorable dishes that stay true to their roots. This culinary collaboration will see local ingredients transformed by Chef Francesco’s Mediterranean influence, combined with a kick of Chef Kano’s Latin inspiration.

San Diego, California

Chef Jason McLeod & Chef de Cuisine Christopher Janowski

Who: Chef Jason McLeod and Vancouver’s Chef de Cuisine Christopher Janowski
Where: Coquille
When: January 24, 2019
Details: Chef McLeod, who is originally from British Columbia, earned 2 Michelin stars at Ria in Chicago before moving to San Diego to open Ironside Fish & Oyster. A proponent of sustainable fishing, Chef McLeod will collaborate with the team at Coquille on a multi-course, wine paired menu that offers a taste of what the Pacific Ocean offers us from British Columbia to Southern California.

Dusseldorf, Germany

Bauhaus chef team & Chef Sascha Stemberg

Who: Chef Sascha Stemberg and Vancouver’s Bauhaus chef team
Where: Bauhaus Restaurant
When: January 30, 2019
Details: Germany now has more three-star Michelin restaurants than any other European country except France. The philosophy of contemporary German cuisine is to utilize only the best ingredients and celebrating them at the core of your dish delicately balancing each flavour on your plate. Inspired by his international travels, this five-course menu crafted by Chef Sascha Stemberg will feature the best in Canadian ingredients, Asian flavors, and traditional European cooking techniques.

Montreal, Quebec

Chef Jérémie Bastien of Monarque & Chef JC Poirier

Who: Chef Jérémie Bastien of Monarque and Vancouver’s Chef JC Poirier
Where: St. Lawrence Restaurant
When: January 31, 2019
Details: Guest’s can expect a night in Old Montreal as JC and Jérémie combine their skills and experience to reflect cuisine routed in the Quebecois and Old French culture. This five-course dinner with a French wine pairing is sure to tantalize tastebuds, helping bring a taste of the East coast over to the West.

With a mix of styles in the kitchen, what will happen at these dining tables? Secure your ticket to find out.



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