Where to Get Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Treats in and Around Vancouver - West Coast Food

By Catherine Dunwoody

Ice Cream has blown up on Canada’s West Coast and charming new shops and parlours are popping up all over. But what about the folks who have allergies, sensitivities or make choices not to eat gluten or dairy? And who doesn’t like a cooling, sweet, creamy treat? Fret not folks, I did the research for you! Here’s my list of the best, where to go for it, and what to taste.

Where: La Glace, Vancouver

Try: Most ice creams here are gluten-free so, if you are as well, skip the cone and get a cup. Top your treat with a marshmallow or meringue (also gluten-free). Vegans and the lactose-intolerant will love the Chocohuete, which is made with peanut butter and dark chocolate. It’s dairy-free and made with their own made-in-house cashew milk base.

Where: Spiritual Ingredients, White Rock

Try: Nut allergy? You’re safe with any of the gelatos sold here. Like things not to sweet? Go for the lemon, classic Italian refreshment.

Where: Kokomo, Vancouver

Try: This is the only place in Canada that serves Cocowhip, a vegan and gluten-free soft-serve made with coconut water and bio-fermented coconut powder.

Mister’s black ice cream | Image via Instagram @madebymister

Where: Mister, Vancouver

Try: The dairy-free, black as coal ice cream – made with coconut milk and charcoal. If gluten is not an issue for you, pair it with the equally tall, dark and handsome black cone.

Where: Welcome Parlour Ice Cream, North Vancouver

Try: Their dairy-free lime coconut concoction tastes like a tropical paradise, and is refreshing right down to the bottom of the cone or cup.

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