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Seeing as it’s World Food Day, a yearly reflection on world hunger and poverty, we thought we’d take it as a chance to feature some YVR restaurants who are giving back through their menus. 2020 has been hard on everyone, especially in the service industry, but these businesses continue to show empathy, even when their own livelihood isn’t always looking so lively. For their continued contributions to Mealshare, these restaurants deserve an extra order from us.
In case you don’t know, Mealshare is a Canadian non-profit that gives restaurants the chance to donate a meal to local and international youth in need. When you see a Mealshare logo beside a menu item, it means that when that item is ordered, the restaurant then donates a simple, healthy meal to a youth in need.
So let’s follow their lead and give back a little; that’s what World Food Day is all about after all. Here’s a quick list of some of our favourite spots that continue to give back despite the hard times. For a full list, visit the Mealshare website, and let us know which charity focused eatery you’ll be showing a little love!

Anh and Chi

If you follow this popular Vietnamese eatery on Instagram, you’ll quickly see that it’s a family affair. While it was formerly run by mom and dad under the name Pho Hoàng (the first ever and longest standing Pho specialty house in Vancouver), it has since been taken over by the kids. “Anh and Chi” actually means “brother and sister” in Vietnamese. As the location has now been in the Nguyễn family for two generations, it’s clear the clan has strong values. Nowhere else is this clearer than with their continued support of the Mealshare program.


Cartems Donut

Vancouver’s favourite donut shop (sorry Tim), exemplifies that old Canadian stereotype about good manners. Giving back to the community that has helped them become a trusted source of sweet, chewy, and crunchy delights, for every dozen donuts ordered, Cartems makes a donation to help hungry youths. It’s no wonder they’re routinely tasked with catering weddings, they put their heart into everything they do!



While Juke has only been operating for a few years now, it’s quickly becoming a Vancouver Fried Chicken Dynasty. But it’s not enough that they provide the community with their crisp gluten-free crunching, they also are selflessly giving when anyone orders their famous Juke salad. By enjoying this romaine salad with fresh cheddar, and avocado-ranch (extra points for adding popcorn chicken), it’s just about the easiest, and tastiest way to give back to youth and children in need.


Hook Sea Bar

There’s no better warmth than sitting on the patio, gazing at the West End sunset, with a plate of oysters in front of you. Well, it could always be improved by doing a good deed while you enjoy the view. Though they’ve only been open since 2017, the fresh seafood destination has already become a neighbourhood staple for their ocean views as much as their food.
The owners haven’t skimped on making an emotional connection with their guests either as they continue to pair menu items with Mealshare contributions.



What started as one location on Main Street has now sprouted across the city with hungry vegan and vegetarians in tow. With deliciously health-focused and plant-based eats, MeeT has taken it one step further by offering diners the chance to practice healthy empathy as well.
Their menu is crammed with meatless favourites like oyster mushroom calamari, and sweet-chilli cauliflower, but it’s their award-winning MeeT Burger that has us smitten. Stop by and see what they’ll next be featuring next on their Mealshare menu!


The Rise Eatery

Fusion restaurant, The Rise Eatery, more than lives up to its motto of “the art of blending flavours.” This borderless culinary experience wanders through worldwide cuisine with every menu item. Whether it’s with Chinese congee, Japanese ramen, or Belgian waffles, this South Granville gem shows how good it is to get away from the familiar once in a while. It goes hand and hand with the World Food Day principle of reaching beyond your four walls to consider someone in need. That’s exactly what The Rise is doing by being a part of the “Make it a Mealshare” program, where guests can add $1 to any item that will go towards helping youth facing hunger and poverty.

Via Tevere

Consistently renowned for the best pizza in Vancouver, this award-winning Napoli bistro brings their gusto for Italian cuisine and applies it to charity. The company has long been giving diners the option to contribute to Mealshare, so this is the perfect time to show them a little love. Not only because it’s World Food Day, but because we’re at the tail end of a crazy year, and you likely could use a little comfort food right about now. So settle in, and order a Pizza Bianca or Prosciutto e Rucola, and you can feel a bit better about your 2020, but also about someone else’s.

No matter where you decide to indulge as the weather gets a little cooler, when you choose any of these locales, you’re not only warming yourself up, you’re helping a small business thrive, while also supporting a less fortunate person as well. For a full list of participating YVR Mealshare restaurants, visit here, or for more information about how you can support World Food Day by helping someone in need, visit here



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