Your Failsafe Plan for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Imaginable—No Reservations Needed - West Coast Food

By Destination Vancouver

There are three stages to a blissful Valentine’s Day at home. Here they are.

 You’ve got to celebrate love. We like what Mark Twain said: “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” Are you dividing your joy with someone you love this Valentine’s Day? If you feel all that joy, but you’re uncertain about how to express it on this special day, we have a plan for you. And best of all: you don’t have to leave home to execute it!

 Did you know that 39% of people prefer celebrating Valentine’s Day with an experience? And did you also know that Valentine’s Day is the second-busiest day of the year for restaurants? The “restaurant experience” is probably the first one that comes to mind when you think about how to celebrate, but as the day approaches reservations can be hard to find. What’s the answer? Create an incredibly romantic experience at home!

Here’s a foolproof three-stage plan care of Granville Island Delivery Co.  for creating a meaningful Valentine’s Day experience—no reservations needed. (And to prepare, you only need to order these local gift baskets: one for cheese and charcuterie, and one for the spa experience.)

Step One: delectable local charcuterie

Do you like the sound of charcuterie, gourmet crackers, cheese, condiments, preserves, chocolates, and honey? And would the fact that they’re sourced from artisans living in and around Vancouver add a little local pride to your intimate feast? You can even add wine or sparkling to this local gift basket to ensure you have everything you need to set the mood. (FYI, you can add wine or sparkling to any of the gift baskets; it’s always an option when you need to add a certain special something to a celebration.)


Step Two: spa night

Draw a bath, add some bubbles to dial up the relaxation, light an all-natural, locally made Hygge candle, and let your lover soak their stress away. GIDC knows exactly how to create a legitimately divine spa experience and they put it all into this local gift basket. We especially recommend using the French Lavender Scrub to give loving attention to your sweetheart’s back and feet. Also, try serving up a cup of Lemon Ginger tea with Wildflower Honey. This final touch completes a truly grounding, soothing, healing experience.

Step Three: intimacy in a magical environment

During the darkness of winter months, herbaceous, woody aromas are a proven mood lifter. That’s why we recommend spritzing your bedsheets with a fir-scented spray. (Psst, it’s included in the wellness gift you ordered from the spa!) Lead your lover (along with the Hygge candle), to this uplifting zone and simply connect. As a bonus, you could use your Happy Ending Salve to give a massage that complements the spa experience.

Want to deliver a meaningful experience from the comfort of your home? This is it. The fact that all you need to make it happen can be delivered to your door is just a bonus. There’s nothing higher than love, and that is why we celebrate it. Give your loved one the experience they really deserve this year. You won’t regret it!

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