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By Joyce Chua, Vancouver Foodie Tours

Though the Granville Island Public Market is most known for its supply of specialty ingredients, foodies can leave the details with Bon Macaron Patisserie when it comes to macarons. The boutique was opened by two talented French bakers who wanted to bring a bit of France to the Canadian west coast. The macaron, they decided, is the perfect French dessert, as they are rich, light, and decadent, with infinite flavour possibilities.

Macarons in Vancouver

Infinite indeed – Bon Macaron has over 50 flavours to choose from, both savoury and sweet. Here are 5 macaron flavours from Granville Island you absolutely can’t miss:

Fuzzy Peach

It’s the exact punchy-tart peach flavour from your childhood, complete with sugar crystals on top.

Candied Pecan

The shop on Granville Island has a few exclusive flavours made with ingredients from the Public Market. This nutty macaron is made with Candied Pecans from The Nut Merchant (the same nut featured on Vancouver Foodie Tours’ Granville Island Market Tour.)


If you’re visiting Bon Macaron with kids or if you love to Instagram, you can miss the dual-coloured watermelon macaron – it’s a bold bite of watermelon flavour with adorable black sesame “seeds”.


If you’re familiar with pistachio ice cream or pistachio treats, this treat will be much more nutty, earthy, and savoury than you might expect. It’s a mature and refined flavour. For a beverage pairing, visit Granville Island Tea Company across from Bon Macaron and ask for a cup of White Oolong.

White Truffle and Sea Salt

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to macarons, you’ve got to shock your palate with the white truffle and sea salt. Before you dig it, you’ll get the savoury scent of white truffle wafting through the air. This macaron is a must-try, especially for those who “don’t like sweets.” It’s creamy, dreamy – and with the sea salt crystals on top – said to be reminiscent of truffle fries.

Macarons in Vancouver

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