A Full Day of Feasting in Langley Part 1: Breakfast at Milsean - West Coast Food

Photos by Michele Mateus

Words by Alexis Baran

The lush fields accented by mountain views in Langley, BC have nestled within them several days worth of exploring. Just a short drive from Vancouver there are farms, vineyards, meaderies, friendly animals, and more. Langley’s Circle Farm Tour has plenty of places to snack and treat yourself along the drive, and we’ve chosen a few favorites to get you started on a full day of getting to know the area’s hidden gems.

For breakfast, Milsean’s Tea Shoppe is the place to get your morning tea (or coffee) and get the day off to a sweet start.

You can almost smell the tea brewing
And of course, a selection for the coffee lovers
With your morning caffeine, a fresh-made waffle topped with caramel, pecans, and…
…real whip cream.

Prefer something savoury or to-go? Although the waffles come highly recommended, there’s lots more to try.

Note that they also have gluten and dairy-free options available.

The sunny atrium is a cozy place to have your morning bite.

Be sure to take home some of their addictive butter crunch! You’d be missing out in a big way if you don’t try these. Go ahead and try and save some as gifts for family and friends, or just hide them away for yourself.

Business on the outside…
…party on the inside.

Milsean Tea Shoppe
2900 272nd Street
Langley, BC

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