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It’s not quite mead; it’s not quite beer.

By Avneet Takhar

Located on the North Shore and having opened recently in May 2022, Braggot Brewery holds an impressive title as “the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world”! Creating a unique blend that’s not quite mead, but not quite beer it’s not like anything you’ve ever tasted before.

This primeval liquid refreshment dates back to the 12th century and used to be enjoyed by the Vikings and Celtics! The word “Braggot” is where the Norse (Viking language) verb “Brugga” comes from. Brugga means “to brew”, indicating that even for them it was the original brewed beverage. It’s a staple drink for a Sunday meal with the Welsh even to this day and is deemed a snug-like drink for cold nights. As fall is upon us, that couldn’t be more welcoming!

A glass of braggot with a tall can
Braggot Brewery

At the brewery, they make up the braggot with fermented organic honey (made by bees in Delta, BC) and local grains that have notes of different fruity berries depending on the kind of variety.

Owner Enrico Bovero is big on keeping things easy but tasty, “We use very simple ingredients and recipes that anyone can reproduce: just barley and our honey. We rely on high quality not on elaborateness.”

There are 4 different malts that the brewery offers: Golden, Amber, Dark, and the newest one, Brown Ale. Depending on what takes your fancy, they all have a little something different to them.

The Golden has flavours of spring nectars such as cherry, maple and strawberry. Amber boasts summer nectars of blueberry and blackberry. Dark is smokier, with chocolate and dark honey from late summer nectars. And Brown Ale is toffee-like with a slight bitterness amongst the wildflower honey notes.

Jars of honey with pewter bee ornaments

Braggot Brewery is the perfect place to go back in time to experience this traditional beverage!
With an empty hive at the location (as a design feature only!), tasting room and patio, open 6 days a week (Mondays are closed) you’ll have a great time there with friends or family. And don’t forget to say “Lechyd da” (“Cheers” in Welsh) as you clink glasses!

Visit the website at

A 15-minute walk from Lonsdale Quay SeaBus terminal at 370 Esplanade, North Vancouver.

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