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By Kristi Alexandra

Imagine taking your two favourite pastimes and making them into a business. That’s what Pizzeria Ludica owner Daryl Boone decided to do.

He and his wife opened up their first restaurant on Vancouver’s Keefer Street four years ago, combining the two things they loved to do together most: share a meal and play board games.

Pizzeria Ludica Vancouver New West
Image courtesy of Pizzeria Ludica

“The idea is that people can come and order food, and after they’ve eaten they can stay up to two hours to play board games,” Boone tells WestCoastFood.

“I’ve been in the board game hobby for 10-plus years with my wife, and we’ve been looking for a small business to do together for a long time,” he says, “we thought we’d really like it if there were more restaurants out there that had more board games.”

So they decided to do it themselves, adding some of their own personal collection to the eatery.

As of this year, you can find the couple’s second location in New Westminster, the latest place to get your buffalo margherita pizza with a side of Cards Against Humanity.

But great food and fun games isn’t the only reason Boone started Pizzeria Ludica – which translates roughly to a pizzeria about games.

Pizzeria Ludica Pizza
Image courtesy of Pizzeria Ludica

“As a board gamer, I’m actually very sensitive to people spending too much time on their screens,” Boone reveals.

“Board games are necessary now more than ever, and I’ve found they’re a very good first date kind of thing. It fills out that awkward silence… and if you make a joke and it kind of falls flat, just play the game for a bit and it eases the tension.”

In Vancouver or New Westminster you’ll be able to nibble on 14 of their Neapolitan house pizzas, from the Montreal to the Carcassone. If classic Italian fare is more your speed, you’ll enjoy splitting a prosciutto e rucola with fior di latte mozzarella, prosciutto crudo (cured ham), arugula, and shaved Parmesan or the simple mozza, basil and tomato sauce margherita. There is also a selection of pastas.

Prices for a pie run you anywhere from $13.50 to $17.50, while you can snag a few appies (such as the warm, mixed olives) for as little as $6.

Daryl Boone, owner of Pizzeria Ludica
Daryl Boone, owner | Image courtesy of Pizzeria Ludica

“I want people to unplug and get away from their phones and enjoy a meal,” Boone reiterates, “there’s no universal pastime like board gaming. A meal and a game is perfect!”

Pizzeria Ludica
189 Keefer Place

New Westminster:
601 Carnarvon Street

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