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By Jaclyn Jularbal

Go for a drive into Richmond’s countryside and you’ll find this marvel located just a short distance from the highway. The Fowl Farmer is a family-owned and operated establishment that is the storefront for Mayview and Maybog Farms. Put a face to the people who make your food and drop in for something delicious; the May family are longtime cranberry and antibiotic-free poultry farmers who produce for big names like Ocean Spray and A&W.


Meet the Mays

The best part about The Fowl Farmer is being able to ask questions. Get curious, chat and ask about poultry or cranberries or any of the other products you see. The May family’s been farming for over 30 years and they can tell you exactly what goes into the food you’re eating.

Fresh, Local Products

The Fowl Farmer is open year-round, with a wide variety of garden-fresh produce and an array of fresh and frozen meat items available – from homemade sausages and patties, to whole chickens and cutlets. With all the garden vegetables and antibiotic-free meat options you’ll be sure to please the palate of all the poultry lovers in your family.

You’ll also find other local artisan products stocked on the shelves, like spice mixes, jams, goat cheeses and balsamic vinegars. If you want an all-natural, Canadian-grown food selection then The Fowl Farmer is where you’ll find it.


Cranberry Specialists

During cranberry season you’ll find The Fowl Farmer under a big sky, surrounded by lush red, and in the thick of fall you’ll find the store stocked with cranberries and cranberry-infused items alongside all of their other take-home-and-make meal options.

You’ll be sure to leave hungry so don’t forget to take home with you some:

  • Jalapeno Chicken Burgers
  • Homemade Italian Meatballs
  • Chicken Sausages
  • Fresh eggs
  • Breaded Strips
  • Cranberries

And of course one of their delicious homemade pies!

The Fowl Farmer
15539 Cambie Rd
Richmond, BC

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