Dine the Line to Explore East and Southeast Asia

World Flavours with Local Flair

Metro Vancouver is home to incredible international cuisine, with culinary traditions encompassing cultures from around the world. Here are some places to go, starting with the Dine The Line itinerary, Explore East and Southeast Asia, and to places beyond!

Millennium Line

Step onto the Millennium Line SkyTrain and let your compass card guide you on a voyage overseas in Dine the Line’s East and Southeast Asia Itinerary.

Riding SkyTrain through Burnaby and Coquitlam, your tastebuds can travel through Vietnam to Japan at each stop. Slurp up a steaming bowl of pho, dig into Korean BBQ, or sample Singaporean street food–all under 15 minutes by foot from a Millenium Line Station.

Leave the passport at home and grab your chopsticks for an international culinary adventure to East and Southeast Asia on transit.

Arirang Hotdog and Croquette 

Image courtesy of Arirang Hotdog and Croquette

Hop off for a Korean hotdog. This trendy and delicious handheld snack isn’t your average ballpark dog–coated and fried on a stick, combinations include potato-crusted hotdog, fried mozzarella cheese on a stick (for the non-meat eaters) and sweet flavours like oreo and churros.

Located across the street from Lincoln Station in Henderson Place Mall, which is also home to a variety of fun food court options.

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Coquitlam: 1163 Pinetree Way #2082
Stop: Lincoln Station

Singapore Hawker 

Image courtesy of Singapore Hawker

Fast, fresh and delicious, Singapore Hawker serves up traditional hawker-style street food. One of the tastiest and most vegetable-inclusive “fast food” cuisines you’ll find. It’s just a quick ten minute walk from Lincoln Station, to chow down on hot Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodles and prawn in soy sauce), satay skewers or munch on Malaysian-style curry chicken.

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Coquitlam: #120-1169 Pacific St.
Stop: Lincoln Station

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Image courtesy of Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Serving up authentic Filipino cuisine classics like chicken adobo and sizzling tofu sisig in a cozy dining room, Kulinarya Filipino Eatery is just a ten minute walk from Lincoln Station.

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Coquitlam: 2922 Glen Dr
Stop: Lincoln Station

Bambada Korean Seafood Restaurant 

Image courtesy of Bambada Korean Seafood Restaurant

Next stop, seafood! Located ten minutes from Coquitlam Central Station, Bambada Korean Seafood Restaurant is a bright, lively space and the perfect place for pescatarians with an adventurous palate.

If you’re not sure where to start, you might notice big tables ordering their signature steamed seafood pot, which includes a generous selection of clams, conch, shrimp, mussels and squid–make sure to bring enough people to help you eat it all!

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Coquitlam: 2764 Barnet Hwy #201
Stop: Coquitlam Central


Enjoy the thrill of the grill at Insadong, a beloved Korean BBQ and grill in Burnaby. This long running neighbourhood haunt offers a mouthwatering array in their meat combos, as well as classic hot pot, noodles and tasty Korean specialties. Insadong is seven minutes away from Lougheed Station on foot.

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Coquitlam: 301-403 North Rd.
Stop: Lougheed Station

Pho Japolo Sushi

Image courtesy of Pho Japolo Sushi

Under a 15 minute walk from Lougheed Station, Pho Japolo proudly serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine and innovative sushi creations, all made with fresh ingredients and a lot of love. Dig into a steaming bowl of fresh pho, or go for an adventurous sushi pizza made with breaded and pressed sushi rice as the crust and topped with your seafood of choice, green onion, bell peppers and masago.

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Burnaby: 3355 North Road #218
Stop: Lougheed Station

Hashtag Café 

Image courtesy of Hashtag Café

Step off the platform at Lougheed Station and wander over to Hanin Village, a shopping plaza with Korean specialty retailers and restaurants conveniently located across the street from Lougheed Station. Among one of the many well-kept secrets in Hanin Village is the ultra-cute Hashtag Cafe, specializing in inventive coffee, drinks and desserts. We recommend you try one of their famous crowaffles–a croissant and waffle mix with both savoury and sweet versions available.

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Coquitlam: 329 North Rd. 
Stop: Lougheed Station

Glorious Bao and Fried Rice

Image courtesy of Glorious Bao and Fried Rice

For those in the know, Glorious Bao is a hidden gem for authentic Taiwanese bao and tasty fried rice that you’ll need to hop off at Brentwood Station to find. Located in the bustle of the Brentwood Mall food court, don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere, the founders previously worked for a Michelin starred chef!

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Burnaby: 4567 Lougheed Hwy
Stop: Brentwood Station

Tendon Kohaku 

Image courtesy of Tendon Kohaku

Specializing in Japanese rice bowls topped with light crispy tempura, Tendon Kohaku is celebrated for its perfectly golden and delicate tempura batter. In fact, ‘kohaku’ means amber, the colour of perfectly-prepared tempura. Step off the SkyTrain at Brentwood Station and you’ll find Tendon Kohaku a few steps away within Brentwood mall.

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Burnaby: 1901 Rosser Ave.
Stop: Brentwood Station

Expo or Canada Line

The Millenium isn’t the only route to East and Southeast Asian flavours on the SkyTrain, there are incredible restaurants throughout Metro Vancouver. If you find yourself hopping on the Expo or Canada Line you have plenty of places to choose from–here are a few suggestions!

Hotpot Palace 

Image courtesy of Hotpot Palace

Hotpot Palace in Richmond promises a luxurious hotpot experience with fresh veggies, seafood and meats. Enjoy an individual hotpot set, or invite your whole crew for a group hotpot. This venue features a trendy bar and welcomes large parties and celebrations. Take the Canada Line and its an eight minute walk from Lansdowne Station

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Richmond: 168-7911 Alderbridge Way 
Stop: Lansdowne Station

Floata Seafood Restaurant 

Image courtesy of Floata Seafood Restaurant

In the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, under ten minutes away from Chinatown Stadium Station via the Expo Line is the largest Chinese restaurant in Canada. Floata Seafood Restaurant holds an epic 1,000 seats, and a delicious dim sum menu that guarantees it remains a favourite for many.

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Vancouver : 180 Keefer St
Stop: Pacific Central Station

V Café

Image courtesy of V Café

For vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine with a friendly neighbourhood vibe, V Café in New Westminster is the spot to be. Catch the Expo Line to New Westminster Station and this well-loved gem is just a few steps away.

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New Westminster: 789 Carnarvon St
Stop: New Westminster Station



There are many ways to get to each of these spots in downtown Vancouver by transit. Visit TransLink’s Trip Planner to find your way.

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