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By Kristi Alexandra

There’s a homey vibe when you step into Nourish Market on Vancouver’s North Shore. With crates of fresh produce greeting you at the door, a quiet dining enclave in the corner, and a few rows of neatly arranged grains and bottles, the small mom-and-pop grocery shop is no big box store. Tucked into the pristine Lynn Valley Village, it’s not even the wholesome facade of high-end, organic grocers. Unpretentious, healthful, and local, a trip to Nourish Market evokes friendly feelings of visiting a neighbour to break bread.

“A lot of folks, like us, are tired of the impersonal big box and chain stores. They are looking for a deeper connection to their food and their community. We offer a curated collection of the best of what local producers and artisans have to offer,” says founder Jeff Proseilo.

Proseilo and his family opened up shop in 2011, and have been stocking, and celebrating local food ever since. Earnest Ice Cream, Artisan Bake Shoppe, and Rain City Soups are among the local, artisanal brands they hawk.

“We love local food,” he tells WestCoastFood.

And you can bet Proseilo has the ethos to back it up.

Image courtesy of Nourish Market

“We take pride in knowing the farmers that grow our veggies, raise our chickens, or even grow our oats. We love supporting the small, artisan producers that only make one or two things, but make them incredibly well. We foster deeper connections with the folks who supply our shop because we truly appreciate their efforts. Why not buy from each other and keep the small businesses vibrant and alive? It makes for an even better community.”

The essence of community isn’t just felt in the finely curated foods on offer at the shop, there’s a veritable atmosphere of being right at home. A booth bench nook with four neatly arranged tables makes way for families and individuals to sit and nourish themselves, literally, while shopping for groceries.

“It all goes back to that mom-and-pop shop, community feeling that we love. We really wanted a place where neighbours could meet up for a quick healthy lunch, sip a kombucha, or bring the kids for ice cream cones after a busy day,” Proseilo notes.

“Our purpose is always the same: to share great food with the people we have gotten to know.”

Whether you want a quick bite of caprese salad made with locally-sourced buffalo mozzarella and a bottle of kombucha to sip on at lunch, or are picking out ingredients for your locavore dinner plans, Nourish Market has what you’re looking for.

Nourish Market
143 – 1233 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, BC

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