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Easter is one of those holidays that creeps up out of nowhere. You’re sittin there, minding your business, when suddenly the day has arrived, and someone close to you is dropping hints that they got YOU something for the occasion. Remain calm! We can be proactive about this. Simply go through this handy guide, pick one of the delicious Easter offerings listed, and sprint like you’ve never sprunt before! 

Gem Chocolates


With an emphasis on natural ingredients and no preservatives, every treat at this Kerrisdale cocoa destination is more tantalizing than the last. Receiving worldwide chocolate acclaim, Gem has been recognized by countless honours: The Top Truffle Artistry Awards, The Luxury Caramel Awards, The International Chocolate Salon (if you can’t tell, we love all of these names). Their resume speaks for itself, but you should absolutely stop by their store and workshop to try for yourself. Always a good idea before you commit to a gift that may affect your emotional standing with a loved one.




Bjornbar Bakery

Chances are your giftee is expecting something from the cocoa family, but hear us out… carrot cake. In recent years there have been growing factions that say this is an Easter treat, and while it may seem radical to some, we’re all for it. One need only try Bjornbar Barkery’s bunny bar to see why we have faith in the movement. A carrot cake-cheesecake square with light cinnamon flavour and buttercream icing. A combination so unexpected your sweetheart will surely be taken aback by your boldness.





For a little French flair with your sweets, Soirette should be at the top of your list. Classy and delicious in equal measure, Soirette’s Easter offerings range from spring cherry blossom cookies, to colourful mini cakes, to blondie bars with mini eggs sprinkled throughout. Of course, you could always go with any flavour of their famous macarons to seal the deal. Vancouver Fog, and Creme Brulee have definitely gotten us out of a few jams.







If the chocolate lover in your life is also a bit of an art aficionado, then look no further. Temper Chocolate and Pastry in West Vancouver is basically an edible gallery. Their Salvador Dali-inspired eggs look like they’re melting like one of the author’s signature clocks, but thankfully it’s just an artistic flourish. PHEW. The level of skill involved at Temper is on display in every piece, and you’re sure to be viewed as a connoisseur of sorts when you gift one of these eye-catching treats.





Honey Salt

If your special someone’s love language is quality time, then you’d best set aside some time to pamper them. And what better way to do it than with a mimosa over Easter Brunch? Honey Salt’s patio is open for sun and sips and sweetness. There will be egg decorating, chocolate galore, and we’ve just received word from the Easter Bunny’s people that he will indeed be in attendance.





La Glace

Speaking of quality time, who could say no to a trip to La Glace for their outstanding Mini Egg ice cream? Sit with cones while you gaze into each other’s eyes, intimately squinting through the brain freeze, or just pick up a jar and make a couple of Easter… SUNDAES.







Thomas Haas

There’s one name that haunts us late at night when we awake in a hungry sweat- Thomas…THOMAS HAAS! It’s not a bad haunt though, it’s one of the good ones. We crave Mr. Haas’ chocolates so often, we’re not even surprised anymore by how often he blows our minds with his chocolate art. Looking for an edible chocolate tulip springing from an Easter egg? Or how about Jackson Pollock-inspired egg speckled with edible feathers? Sometimes the things we want most, we didn’t even know we were looking for – yes, you may use that.




Ok, you’re now more than ready to show that you spontaneously remembered an Easter gesture. Now get hopping!


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