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By Kathy Mak

To truly experience an authentic slice of local life, you can’t get more local than the neighbourhood farmers markets. Whether you’re shopping or browsing, each of the numerous markets showcases genuinely local products and proprietors from all over the Valley. Immerse yourself in sampling seasonal and fresh fare, gourmet treats, and artisanal delights that have been prepared or produced with a regional spin.   Half the fun is being part of the market’s social scene and friendly atmosphere. Chat with other food enthusiasts and meet small-scale but passionate food artisans. You’re certain to enjoy the stories or inspirations behind their unique products. Without a doubt, you’ll be glad you sampled and supported local flavours!

On any given Wednesday to Sunday (May to October), there are numerous outdoor farmers markets in and around Vancouver communities. With so many choices, you may want to explore a market a day or connect some of the markets open on the same day. One route linking several of the more interesting and scenic communities on a Sunday begins in the charming neighbourhood of Kitsilano (Vancouver’s West Side). With a suggested start of 10 am, explore this neighbourhood market which is pleasantly set up outside the community centre.

Then travel south to the idyllic seaside village of White Rock (Canada-US border), arriving mid-day for their market in the town centre. After a stop to enjoy the views on the oceanfront promenade, travel west, by mid-afternoon, to the historic fishing village of Steveston in southern Richmond to end your day of local markets. The Steveston market, which closes at 4 pm, fills the quaint village streets adjacent to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. While it’s possible and an adventure to connect these three markets by public transport, it is more time efficient and flexible to travel by car. Either way, you’ll enjoy and appreciate the local food scene much more after a fun day of fresh and friendly farmers markets!

Find fresh and artisan food products at farmers markets, along with friendly locals. One of the more popular Farmers Markets is in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano.
Fresh and organic produce can be found at the Kitsilano Farmers Market.
Wild sea asparagus is locally harvested and is one of the more unique items found at a farmers market.
Meet the friendly local farmers and personalities at the stalls.
Farmers from around the Fraser Valley gather at the Kitsilano Farmers Market.
The White Rock Farmers Market is well worth the journey out of Vancouver.
Rebel Pops makes 100% all natural gourmet ice-pops using the finest local organic and wild ingredients. Photo credit: Kathy Mak
Rebel Pops makes 100% all natural gourmet ice-pops using the finest local organic and wild ingredients.
Dragon Mist is a craft distillery producing premium quality spirits that are certified gluten-free.
Wild Sweets is a designer chocolatier and vintage chocolate-maker found at the White Rock and Steveston Farmers Markets.


Kitsilano Farmers Market
Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm (Summer)

White Rock Farmers Market
Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm (Summer)

Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market
Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm (Summer); alternating Sundays

BC Association of Farmers’ Markets

Vancouver Farmers Markets

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