Sweet and Savoury at Vancouver Pie Hole - West Coast Food

by Catherine Dunwoody

Some say pie is making a comeback, but in my book it never left.

Sisters Jenell and Carla Parsons teamed up to open The Pie Hole a few years ago, and in 2017 they opened their first retail location in Vancouver, followed by a second location in Burnaby in January 2018. The bakeries sell whole pies, individual pies and mini pies as well as take & bake options, plus coffee and ice cream.

Image courtesy of Vancouver Pie Hole
Image courtesy of Vancouver Pie Hole

But let’s get back to the pies; the pies you can get right now, whether you dine in, order and pick up or buy in numerous retail food shops throughout Metro Vancouver.

When I asked Jenell where she sourced her ingredients, her answer, “I just drive out to get stuff as needed and when in season – Richmond for all my blueberries, Krause Berry Farms for strawberries, raspberries and blackberries,” sounds like something your mom would say, not the entrepreneur-owner of a growing pie company that has turned out thousands of fresh-baked deliciousness in the past few years.

That down-to-earth charm is likely what makes her pies so flaky and delicious, they’re leaps and bounds better than our moms would make (sorry mama but I cannot lie) and just one taste confirms the sisters’ company is surely a labour of love.

Jenell sources her Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter turkeys for savoury pies from JD Farms in The Fraser Valley. Pumpkins for her bourbon-laced version? “I usually pick them up at either Richmond Country Farms or Aldor Acres Farm in Langley.”

Image courtesy of Vancouver Pie Hole
Image courtesy of Vancouver Pie Hole

Much like fresh fruit, we like to eat what is in season locally, and that means Vancouver Pie Hole’s pie selection rotates depending on the time of year. Be sure and visit the website for what is available and when. Holy Vancouver Pie Hole! Your pies have ruined me for any other.

The Pie Hole

3497 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

1864 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC

7832 6th Street
Burnaby, BC


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