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By Joyce Chua, Vancouver Foodie Tours

Sticky, sweet, and delicious, British Columbia’s honey is an indulgence for food lovers. Each of the over 300 varieties of honey in North America can be a chef’s best weapon, a barista’s secret touch, and home cook’s finest ingredient.

Here are three delicious ways you can try local honey in Vancouver:

1. Rain or Shine Ice Cream

1926 W 4th Ave, Vancouver BC

The organic floral alfalfa honey from Aldergrove Farm, about 60km east of Vancouver, sweetens the honey lavender ice cream at Rain or Shine Ice Cream. Every scoop also features lavender is sourced from Tuscan Farms in Maple Ridge, BC. Refined and refreshing, the locally grown flavours work perfectly in tandem.

2. Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 W Cordova St, Vancouver BC

At Tuc Craft Kitchen in Gastown, their supply of local honey is specially reserved for the cocktail bar. James, an owner of Tuc, receives honey from his father’s farm in Langley, just an hour’s drive from his restaurant.

Tuc’s Puebla Margarita wouldn’t be the same without a touch of honey to balance out the punch of Hornidos Resposados Tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde liqueur, lime, and piri piri bitters. This, with a side of crispy parsnip fries and Tuc’s famous pork belly crackling makes for a marvelous afternoon.

3. Wildebeest

120 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC

Meanwhile at Wildebeest, a Vancouver restaurant known for a meat-centric menu, Hives for Humanity honey bookends their menu. Hives for Humanity is a local non-profit with bee hives at an urban farm located a few blocks away from Wildebeest.

Honey is paired with their house made charcuterie; the sticky and sweet honey contrasts the cured and salty meats. To finish, make it an all sweet finale with an immaculate honey tart, milk ice cream, and fresh honeycomb.

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