Make Ice Cream this Summer at the Burnaby Village Museum - West Coast Food

Photos by Michele Mateus
Words by Alexis Baran

Scoop up the kids; it’s time for ice cream! But this time they’ll have to work for it. Burnaby Village Museum invites families to come learn how to make old fashioned ice cream using simple ingredients, classic methods and a little bit of crank-churning muscle.

It all begins in the kitchen of 1920s home with a few simple ingredients and a resident expert.

The kids will learn a little about what family life in the Vancouver area 100 years ago, as well as what goes into one of their favourite desserts.

Ingredients are measured…

Ice is added…

And then it’s time to crank, crank, crank until it’s done!

Everybody gets a turn.

It gets tougher as the ice cream thickens.

But then…

Ice cream!

To learn more about ice cream making and the Burnaby Village Museum’s many programs (including a resident Chinese herbalist this summer) visit

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