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by Catherine Dunwoody

Any serious food lover knows that not all olive oils are created equal, not by a long shot. As wide in variety and as subtle in nuances for the palette as wine, the Fraser Valley is home to All of Oils,

with 2 locations; one in Langley and the other in Surrey.

Wife and husband proprietors Kimm Brickman-Pineau and Glenn Pineau carry only certified, ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils (EVOO), plus a number of flavoured oils and balsamic vinegars.

“Many of our products are also certified organic and our supplier, Veronica Foods Company of Oakland, California is registered on the Non-GMO Project,” says Glenn.

Kimm and Glenn in the Surrey location
Kimm and Glenn in the Surrey location

The products are sourced from select, high-quality growers all over the world, some of the Italian balsamic vinegars are aged up to 18 years, and every item sold in the stores, or online, has a complete backstory, referencing when it was made, the country of origin, the crush date, the chemical breakdown, and an outline of its flavour characteristics. Best part? These quality products are reasonably priced.

Each store has a tasting room, much like a good winery, where you can sample before you purchase. With over 50 varieties, including olive oils infused with blood orange, chipotle, and wild mushroom, to speciality oils like pumpkin seed and avocado, choosing which one is the tough part. Clever owners however, the Pineaus sell small containers they fill as you choose, so you can take home a variety, and store at their utmost freshness.

Sign up for tasting events, either as a group or on your own, and make learning about extra virgin olive oil fun – and far beyond the stuff you can buy at the grocery store, especially with the well publicized scams as of late, where some producers claim their EVOO to be 100% – but are not. Here at All of Oils, it is the real deal.

The Pineau’s shared 5 tips about olive oil:

1) Look for a crush date – freshness is king

2) Look for low FFA (free fatty acids) levels – under 0.3 is optimum

3) Cooking with high quality extra virgin olive oil is very healthy

4) Don’t buy olive oil in clear bottles.

5) Olive oil is a fresh fruit juice and does not age. Store it in a cool dark place and use quickly.

All of Oils Surrey location
All of Oils Surrey location

All of Oils: Surrey
160-2940 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC

All of Oils: Langley

20450 Douglas Crescent.
Langley, BC

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